Noto Airport presents 2,000 yen in cash for award ticket passengers on the Haneda-Noto route

Noto Airport 2000 yen

The Noto Satoyama Airport Usage Promotion Council is offering 2,000 yen in cash per one-way trip to those who fly from Tokyo/Haneda to Noto with an award ticket or “Together with Miles Discount”.

The pickup location is at the Noto Regional Promotion Alliance office on the first floor of Noto Airport. For flights arriving in Noto, you will need the pink “Boarding Guide” issued at the Haneda Airport boarding gate. For flights departing from Noto, you must present either your boarding pass or the reservation screen of the ANA app on the day of departure, or present the pink “Boarding Guide” within a week from the following day.

The boarding period is from October 11 to December 28. If you use “Together with Miles Discount”, only the person who used the miles is eligible for the discount.

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