Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Issues Alert Following Al-Qaeda Statement, Targets Include American Bases and Airports

Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a wide-ranging advisory following calls from the international terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, targeting American bases, airports, and embassies.

For the immediate future, the Ministry urges people to exercise caution to avoid becoming involved in terrorist attacks or unexpected incidents. It advises people to be mindful of places that are likely targets for terrorism, including religious facilities. The Ministry suggests regularly checking the Ministry’s Overseas Safety homepage, the “Tabi Reji” travel registry, and media reports to stay updated with the latest information and to take sufficient precautions for safety.

Specifically, it advises avoiding crowded places where an unspecified number of people gather, to be cautious of suspicious individuals and items, and to leave the area immediately if something unusual is detected. If you hear an explosion nearby, the advisory suggests lying down to avoid the blast wave, being mindful of the possibility of a second explosion, and quickly leaving the scene thereafter. Tourist attractions, surrounding areas, event venues, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, nightclubs, movie theaters, public transport, as well as religious facilities such as churches, mosques, and synagogues, and government-related facilities are highlighted as potential targets for terrorism. The Ministry advises to pre-identify emergency exits and escape routes, and to pay close attention to the surroundings to ensure safety.

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