Orix Hotel Management to Open “Atami-Izusan Karaku” Featuring Private Open-air Baths in All Rooms on December 2nd

Atami-Izusan Karaku

Orix Hotel Management is set to open “Atami-Izusan Karaku” on December 2nd.

The hotel features a total of 57 rooms, all of which come with private open-air baths. The breakdown includes 44 Deluxe Rooms, 10 Karaku Rooms, 1 Universal Room, and 2 Karaku Suites. Amenities within the hotel include a dining area, two guest lounges, a panoramic open-air bath, a spa, and a gym.

To commemorate the opening, special accommodation plans are being sold until January 31, 2024. The all-inclusive rate per person for a room for two with two meals starts from 58,300 yen for Deluxe Rooms, 69,300 yen for Karaku Rooms, and 70,000 yen for Karaku Suites.

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