Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Issues Alert on Terrorism Threat in Belgium

Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a spot information alert urging caution regarding the threat of terrorism in Belgium.

The alert was issued in response to a terrorist incident on the night of October 16th, near King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels, where a man shot and killed two Swedish nationals. According to a Reuters report, the perpetrator, a Tunisian man, was shot dead by police on the 17th in a café. The man had claimed to be a member of ISIS and had posted a video on social media stating that he was the attacker.

The Belgian government had elevated the terror threat level for the Brussels-Capital Region to the highest level of “Very Serious” following the attack. However, after the perpetrator was killed, the level was lowered to the third level of “Serious.” The overall terror threat level for Belgium has also been raised to “Serious.”

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