Jalan.net Hosts ‘Jalan’s 10 Days of Deals’ with up to 15% Discounts

Jalan.net campaign image

Recruit is set to hold the campaign ‘Jalan’s 10 Days of Deals’ on the travel booking site ‘Jalan.net’, from November 20th to 29th every month starting on the 20th.

During the campaign, most of the eligible plans will receive a discount of 5% compared to the usual price, and users will also receive coupons that can be used during the period for up to an additional 10% off.

The available coupons include ones for use at Jalan’s accommodation facilities, coupons worth up to 10,000 yen for accommodations featured during ‘Jalan’s 10 Days of Deals’, coupons worth up to 5,000 yen, and coupons exclusively for certain loyalty program tiers. The number of coupon uses is limited.

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