Saison Rose Gold American Express Card to Revise Services in December, Shifting to Annual Fee

Saison Rose Gold American Express Card

Credit Saison is set to revise the services of the Saison Rose Gold American Express Card in December.

While currently operating on a monthly fee system (980 yen including tax), it will shift to an annual fee system of 11,000 yen (including tax) from December on. If the card is used at least once a year with a transaction of 1 yen or more, the annual fee for the following year will be waived. Accompanying this change, the current services, such as the monthly distribution of Starbucks drink tickets and the gift offerings based on the number of stamps collected, will come to an end.

The earning rate for the Everlasting Points will be revised from 1x to 1.5x for domestic spends, and additional travel-related services such as domestic and international travel accident insurance (activated by use), access to airport lounges up to two times per year, and a free baggage delivery service will be introduced.

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