Keikyu Operates ‘Farewell Airport Express’ Train from November 22 to 24, with Goods Sale at Kamata Station on 23rd

Keikyu 'Farewell Airport Express' Train

Keikyu Corporation will operate the ‘Farewell Airport Express’ train from November 22 to 24.

With the timetable revision on November 25, the ‘Airport Express’ service will be renamed ‘Express’ to prevent inbound passengers from mistaking other trains for ones bound for Haneda Airport by seeing the airplane symbol associated with the service. This marks the end of the service name that has been in use for over 13 years.

The ‘Farewell Airport Express’ train will feature an original headmark and uniform advertising inside the train, operated by a 4-car set of the 1500 series (1525 formation) among the 8 cars in total. It will make round trips between Haneda Airport Terminals 1 and 2, and Zushi/Hayama Station.

On November 23, goods will be sold in front of the Seven Eleven store outside the ticket gates of Keikyu Kamata Station. Items for sale include clear files and acrylic key holders featuring the design of the ‘Farewell Airport Express’ headmark.

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