ANA Partners with Nosh to Launch Integrated Container Shipping from Logistics Centers to Delivery Service Providers

ANA and Nosh launching new frozen food air transport network

All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Nosh are developing a new transportation network for frozen food air shipments.

The network will offer a consistent shipping process using refrigerated containers, from Nosh’s sorting facility at their logistics center in Osaka to delivery service providers in Hokkaido. This system enables a reduction in transit time by up to two days and leads to an overall cost reduction, allowing the reduction of delivery charges to Hokkaido from 2,145 yen to 1,705 yen.

In anticipation of the so-called 2024 issue, which imposes a limit on truck drivers’ working hours, a stable transportation system is constructed by utilizing passenger air routes for long-distance transport. The partnership aims to continue expanding to other regions while maintaining stable transportation to meet demand.

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