Grand Opening of ‘Kochan Ramen Fukuoka Airport Store’ After Relocation to the Runway Area

Kochan Ramen Fukuoka Airport

Wins Japan Holdings has grandly opened the ‘Hakata Ramen Specialty Store Kochan Ramen Fukuoka Airport’ on November 23rd.

The shop, which has originally started operating in November 2022 with a one-year limited term and closed on September 24th upon reaching the end of the term, has now relocated and grandly reopened within the airport’s runway area. The seating capacity includes 8 counter seats and 16 table seats, spread across 4 tables, each accommodating 4 people. Examples of menu prices include: Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen for 900 yen, Hakata Back Fat Tonkotsu Ramen for 950 yen, and Mentaiko Don for 400 yen (all prices include tax).

The company that operates the store also manages the brand ‘Hakata Ikousha’ which is present in 11 countries worldwide. The ‘Kochan Ramen’ produced by the company now boasts its 11th store nationwide.

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