Gradual Opening of ecute Ochanomizu Edition Starting December 3rd, Over 13 Stores by the End of Fiscal Year 2024

ecute Ochanomizu Edition interior

The station-based commercial facility “ecute Ochanomizu Edition” will open at JR Ochanomizu Station on December 3rd.

The facility, which opens on the same day within the Kanda River Bridge station building, will feature the first phase opening area. This includes the bakery “PLUSOUPLE”, the soba and udon noodle shop “Irorian Kirakusoba”, and the convenience store “NewDays”. NewDays is already open ahead of the others, and PLUSOUPLE will open on December 8th. By the end of fiscal year 2024, over ten additional stores are scheduled to open.

JR Ochanomizu Station has been undergoing renovation work since the fiscal year 2013, focusing on improving barrier-free access, and the new Kanda River Bridge station building will open on December 3rd. The new station building has two stories, and the first phase of the ecute Ochanomizu Edition is located on the first floor.

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