Peach Airlines Holds ‘BLACK FRIDAY SALE’ for Domestic Flights, Starting at 2,890 Yen One-Way

Peach Aviation Black Friday Sale Image

Peach Aviation is holding a ‘BLACK FRIDAY SALE’ for its domestic routes from 8 p.m. on November 24th until the 27th.

The travel period is from December 9th to February 29th, 2024. The Simple Peach Promo fare is offered without a fuel surcharge, but taxes, airport fees, and payment fees are separate. Baggage check-in and seat selection fees are not included. The minimum one-way fares are as follows.

・Departing/Arriving at Osaka/Kansai
Nagasaki, Miyazaki (2,890 yen), Sendai, Kagoshima (2,990 yen), Fukuoka (3,090 yen), Niigata, Tokyo/Narita (3,290 yen), Amami, Ishigaki (4,090 yen), Sapporo/Chitose, Okinawa/Naha (4,290 yen)

・Departing/Arriving at Tokyo/Narita
Osaka/Kansai (3,290 yen), Sapporo/Chitose (3,790 yen), Oita (4,490 yen), Fukuoka (4,690 yen), Amami (4,790 yen), Ishigaki (5,090 yen), Okinawa/Naha (5,790 yen)

・Departing/Arriving at Nagoya/Chubu
Sendai (3,590 yen), Okinawa/Naha (3,990 yen), Sapporo/Chitose (4,790 yen)

・Departing/Arriving at Fukuoka
Okinawa/Naha (2,990 yen), Ishigaki (3,290 yen), Sapporo/Chitose (5,490 yen)

Sapporo/Chitose – Sendai (3,390 yen), Sapporo/Chitose – Okinawa/Naha (8,890 yen)

If multiple sales and campaigns coincide and qualify at the same time, the lowest applicable fare among those will be applied.

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