Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau Adds Extra Perks to Campaign with Chance to Win 20,000 Yen for Visitors

Taiwan Tourism Campaign Image

Commemorating its upgrade from tourism bureau to the Tourism Bureau on September 15, Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau has added extra benefits to the winners of the ongoing “Taiwan the Lucky Land” campaign where visitors can win 5,000 New Taiwan Dollars (about 22,500 yen) through a lottery.

The campaign is targeted at individual tourists who enter Taiwan with a non-Taiwanese passport and stay for a period of more than 3 days and up to 90 days. The prize entails 5,000 New Taiwan Dollars worth of electronic money which can be received via choice of transportation IC cards ‘Easy Card’ or ‘iPass’, or hotel vouchers.

Recently, ‘iChash 2.0’ has been added as a new option for receiving the electronic money prize, and in addition, different perks have been introduced for each card. The Easy Card comes with a discount coupon for the drugstore ‘Watsons’, the iPass with a discount coupon for the convenience store ‘Hi-Life’, and the iChash with a Seven Eleven gift card and coffee coupon. The extra perks campaign will run until December 31st.

iChash2.0 is an electronic money system issued by Uni-President Enterprises, the company operating Seven Eleven in Taiwan. It can be used in Seven Eleven, department stores, Starbucks, and various transportation options, among others.

The Tourism Bureau of Taiwan corresponds to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Japan and is an organization under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transportation. The bureau was promoted from its former tourism office status following an organizational restructuring by the Ministry of Transportation on September 15th. Note that locally it is referred to as the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation.

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