Tokyo Metro’s Ginza and Marunouchi Line Structures Registered as Tangible Cultural Properties

Tokyo Metro's Registered Cultural Property

Tokyo Metro has announced that architectural and civil engineering structures of the Ginza and Marunouchi lines have been registered as Tangible Cultural Properties.

Among those registered are the overhouse of the No. 4 exit of the Ginza Line Asakusa Station, the overhouse of the entrance of the Marunouchi Line Ochanomizu Station, and the Ochanomizu Bridge as well as the Yotsuya Line Bridge. They were registered as Tangible Cultural Properties by the Agency for Cultural Affairs as of November 24th.

All of these structures have been praised for being over 50 years old and maintaining their original design at the time of construction. The Ochanomizu Bridge and the Yotsuya Line Bridge on the Marunouchi Line have become the first civil engineering structures in Tokyo to be registered as Tangible Cultural Properties.

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