Osaka Metro to Install Face Recognition Gates at Namba Station, Expected to be Available to the Public by End of FY2024

Osaka Metro Face Recognition Gate

Osaka Municipal Subway, also known as Osaka Metro, has been installing ‘Walk-Through Type Face Recognition Ticket Gates’ at the northeast ticket gates of the Midosuji Line’s Namba Station since November 23.

Currently, only employees can use it, but it is planned to start use by the general public by the end of FY2024. Pilot testing has been conducted since December 2019, and six gates have already been set up. With a solid plan for full-scale implementation now in place, the installation is being gradually expanded. In addition to Namba Station, the system will be installed at the south ticket gates of Yodoyabashi Station and the west ticket gates of Miyakojima Station on November 28, as well as at the north ticket gates of Nagahara Station and the north ticket gates of Nishinagahori Station on November 30, bringing the total to 11 gates.

This is part of an effort to achieve cashless and ticketless gates in preparation for the 2025 Osaka-Kansai World Expo. Face recognition gates are available in both standard and wide sizes, and the type to be installed depends on the location and other circumstances. A demonstration experiment for wheelchair users was also carried out in FY2022.

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