JAL Celebrates 25 Years of In-Flight Sales of Mori Izo Shochu with Commemorative Bottle

Commemorative Mori Izo Shochu bottle

Japan Airlines (JAL) will conduct a lottery sale for a commemorative bottle of Mori Izo Shochu, a 12-year aged spirit by Mori Izo Distillery, celebrating the 25th anniversary of its in-flight sales. This sales event is exclusive to passengers who use the pre-order service on international flights and members of the JAL Mileage Bank in Japan.

JAL began selling Mori Izo Shochu on international flights in December 1998. They offered an original bottle design that mimicked the 1.8-liter bottle, scaled down to a smaller 720ml bottle, which quickly became popular upon release. In addition to the standard Mori Izo Shochu, the airline also sells “Kokushu Mori Izo”—a version aged for over three years, and the 10-year aged premium “Rakusui Kishu Mori Izo”—on a limited-time and limited-quantity basis as part of their in-flight service. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of in-flight sales, 250 bottles will be available for purchase through a lottery.

The pre-order service for international flights will accept reservations from passengers who are JMB Diamond or JGC Premier members, starting with flights boarded on December 15. Cabin attendants will guide passengers on the purchase process during the flight, and after landing, payments completed through a special page will result in the product being shipped to a domestic address in Japan.

The lottery sale for JAL Mileage Bank members will accept entries from passengers who have flown on JAL international flights between April 1 and March 31, 2024. The application period for the lottery is from November 27, 2023, to January 31, 2024.

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