Batik Air Malaysia Sets Charter Flights from Tokyo/Narita to Palau in March, Scheduling Four Round-Trips

Batik Air Malaysia

Batik Air Malaysia will operate direct charter flights on the Tokyo/Narita-Palau route.

The schedule and flight numbers are not yet confirmed and are expected to be decided around February. Flights are planned to depart from Tokyo/Narita in the morning, arriving in Palau in the afternoon, then leave Palau late at night and arrive at Tokyo/Narita in the morning.

Flights from Tokyo/Narita are scheduled for March 15, 19, 23, and 27, and from Palau on March 29, 23, 27, and 31, making a total of four round trips. Business class seats will be sold as ‘comfort seats’, and the same service as in economy class will be provided.

There are no direct flights between Japan and Palau, with common routes including United Airlines via Guam and China Airlines via Taipei/Taoyuan. Direct flights can access the destination in about 4 and a half hours. The commencement of direct charter flights will be the first in approximately four years.

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