ANA Travelers Offers Discounts on Domestic & International Dynamic Packages and Special Hotel Prices

Feel the ANA Love!

In line with their ‘Feel the ANA Love!’ campaign on the 29th of each month, the ANA Group is offering discount coupons and special hotel rate plans.

For domestic dynamic packages, they provide exclusive deals for ANA Mileage Club members, including coupons worth up to 20,000 yen for trips to Okinawa and special ‘Feel the ANA Love!’ plans. At ANA Travelers Hotels, special plans for hot spring inns and hotels are available for booking.

In international dynamic packages, selected products come at a 10% discount, while optional tours offer triple the usual mileage points.

Additionally, ANA’s Hometown Tax Donation program offers a 2.9 times mileage point increase for donations to exclusive reward items; ANA Mall features special pricing, and ANA FESTA offers a 2.9 times mileage increase on purchases.

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