Oriental Air Bridge Christmas Time Sale on Five Remote Island Routes Starting from 5,300 Yen One Way

ORC_ATR42-600 airplane

Oriental Air Bridge will hold a ‘Christmas Time Sale’ from November 28 to November 30 until 3 PM.

The target routes and one-way fares are: Nagasaki to Iki route for 5,300 yen, Nagasaki to Goto Fukue route for 6,200 yen, Nagasaki to Tsushima route for 7,800 yen, Fukuoka to Tsushima route for 8,800 yen, and Fukuoka to Goto Fukue route for 10,500 yen. The fare type will be ‘ORC Marine 1.’ An additional passenger facility fee will be required for flights departing or arriving at Fukuoka Airport.

The boarding period is from December 10 to December 25. Reservations cannot be changed, cancellations are possible although a refund fee and a cancellation fee will apply. If the child fare is cheaper than the sale fare, the child fare (non-changeable type) will be automatically applied.

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