20th Anniversary of Haneda-Gimpo Route: Four Japanese and Korean Airlines Celebrate with Original Cabin Attendant Uniforms

Haneda-Gimpo route commemorative event at Haneda Airport

Japan Airlines (JAL), All Nippon Airways (ANA), Korean Air, and Asiana Airlines held a commemorative ceremony at Haneda Airport on November 30th to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Tokyo/Haneda to Seoul/Gimpo route.

The Tokyo/Haneda to Seoul/Gimpo route was established on November 30, 2003, following an agreement reached during the Japan-Korea summit meeting in June 2003, where then Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and the President of South Korea, Roh Moo-hyun, decided to expand the exchanges between the two countries. Initially, each of the four airlines operated one charter flight per day. Now, there are a total of 12 flights operated daily, with each airline running three flights per day.

At the commemorative ceremony held on the fourth floor of Terminal 3 at Edo Stage, cabin attendants from the four airlines gathered, wearing their original and current uniforms, to celebrate the 20th anniversary.

JAL uniforms then and now▲JAL’s original uniform for the Tokyo/Haneda to Seoul/Gimpo route (left) and the current uniform (right)

The original uniform for JAL was the 8th generation uniform, updated in conjunction with the introduction of the Executive Class ‘SEASONS’. Designed by fashion designer Kae Inaba, it featured a midnight blue color with four gold buttons and external pockets.

ANA uniforms then and now▲ANA’s original uniform for the Tokyo/Haneda to Seoul/Gimpo route (left) and the current uniform (right)

ANA’s 8th generation uniform was redesigned to coincide with the introduction of the Boeing 747-400, known as ‘Techno Jumbo’. Designed by fashion designer Jun Ashida, it was characterized by a mannish image with distinctive stripes.

Korean Air uniforms then and now▲Korean Air’s original uniform for the Tokyo/Haneda to Seoul/Gimpo route (left) and the current uniform (right)

Korean Air used its 10th generation uniform from January 1991 to February 2005. The designer, Kim Dong-soon, incorporated a symbol mark inspired by the Taegukgi (Korean flag) on the scarf, and features such as gold buttons and name tags.

Asiana Airlines uniform▲Asiana Airlines uniform

Asiana Airlines’ uniform has remained the same as the current design, which was introduced in October 2003. The designer, Jin Teok, focused on warm gray with an undertone of Oriental colors and Korean dress, and the design has been subtly altered over time to keep up with the era.

At the time of its opening, Haneda Airport’s international flights departed from the old international terminal next to Terminal 2. However, on October 21, 2010, operations moved to the new international terminal (currently Terminal 3). During the ceremony, Akiko Oyamada, the manager of ANA’s Tokyo Airport branch and president of ANA Airport Service, recalled, ‘The Haneda international terminal was really a small terminal 20 years ago,’ and commented, ‘The inauguration of the Gimpo route has led to the dramatic expansion of Haneda’s international flights and the terminal has grown into a very convenient one.’

Additionally, Kumiko Saito, the manager of JAL’s Tokyo Airport branch and president of JAL Sky, introduced the role the Tokyo/Haneda to Seoul/Gimpo route has played as ‘a foundation for cultural exchanges between the two countries, not only in economic activities but also in tourism, gourmet, and entertainment.’

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