Suica Penguin Wooden Kagami Mochi for Sale at ¥12,800 Each

Wooden Kagami Mochi with Suica Penguin

JR East Cross Station will begin selling a limited edition of 150 sets of “Wooden Kagami Mochi with Suica Penguin” starting from noon on December 2nd.

The wooden mochi is adorned with the ‘Suica Penguin’ in place of the traditional orange, and comes stored in an illustrated paulownia wood box. The item has been blessed for good fortune in money matters at the Takumi Takumi Shrine in Kumamoto.

These unique items will be available for purchase on JRE MALL, specifically at the “NewDays” and “GENERAL STORE RAILYARD” stores, priced at ¥12,800 (tax included).

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