AIRDO Posts Net Profit of ¥4.361 Billion for April-September 2023 Period

AIRDO Boeing 767-300ER, JA612A

AIRDO has announced its interim financial results for the fiscal year ending March 2024. The net income was ¥4.361 billion.

Operating revenue was ¥27.5 billion (an increase of ¥6.849 billion compared to the same period last year), operating costs were ¥22.996 billion (an increase of ¥4.367 billion), operating profit was ¥4.509 billion (an increase of ¥2.482 billion), and recurring profit was ¥4.365 billion (an increase of ¥2.494 billion).

The number of flights operated was 12,126 (an increase of 807 flights), the operation rate was 99.1% (no change), the on-time departure rate was 82.1% (a decrease of 10%), and the load factor was 81.4% (an increase of 16.4%).

The company has revised its full-year performance forecast upwards, with operating revenue now expected to be ¥50.9 billion (initial forecast was ¥47.7 billion), operating profit to be ¥2.7 billion (initially ¥1.9 billion), and recurring profit to be ¥2.5 billion (initially ¥1.5 billion).

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