Keisei Electric Railway to Introduce Station Accessibility Fee from March 16, 2024

Keisei Skyliner AE8

Keisei Electric Railway will introduce a station accessibility fee starting March 16, 2024.

The fee will apply to the Keisei Main Line, Oshiage Line, Kanamachi Line, Chiba Line, Chihara Line, and Higashi-Narita Line, adding 10 yen per ride. For commuter passes, the fee will be an additional 600 yen per month, 1,710 yen for three months, and 3,240 yen for six months. There will be no additional fee for student commuter passes.

By the fiscal year 2035, the company plans to install platform doors on 40 platforms across 14 stations, and on 52 platforms across 17 stations. They will also work on eliminating station level differences with elevators and slopes, improving accessibility for toilets, and reducing gaps and height differences between platforms and train floor levels.

The collection period is expected to be 12 years, with an annual revenue of 1.914 billion yen, a total collected amount of 22.968 billion yen, and a total facility improvement cost of 34.875 billion yen.

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