Rakuten Travel Launches Super Sale with Seoul 3-Day Trips Starting at ¥9,800

Rakuten Travel Super Sale Banner

Rakuten Group has started the “Rakuten Travel Super SALE” on its travel booking site, Rakuten Travel, from 8:00 PM on December 4th, which will run until December 20th.

More than 18,000 discount plans are available for accommodation facilities nationwide, including special plans and coupons for domestic trips, domestic tours, car rentals, and express buses.

For domestic accommodation, coupons offering ¥10,000 off for one hour from 7:00 PM on December 7th, ¥5,000 off for four hours from 8:00 PM, and early reservations for Golden Week bookings with discounts up to ¥6,000 off for five hours from 7:00 PM on December 14th will be distributed. On days with 5 and 0 in the date, you can also use coupons for up to 20% off.

Examples of deals include overseas trips such as a 5-day trip to Honolulu from Tokyo (staying at the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani) starting at ¥49,800, a 4-day trip to Guam (staying at the Guam Plaza Resort) from ¥29,800, and a 3-day trip to Seoul (staying at The Summit Hotel Dongdaemun) from ¥9,800. For overseas accommodation, Sheraton Waikiki starts at ¥64,158, Mitsui Garden Hotel Taipei Zhongxiao at ¥16,924, and The Mira Hong Kong at ¥18,942. These tour prices are per person, and accommodation prices are per room.

For domestic accommodation, examples include Hotel Kintetsu Universal City from ¥35,637, Matsuyama New Grand Hotel with natural hot springs from ¥6,455, Extol Inn Kumamoto Ginza-dori from ¥6,364, Hotel Aemisia Sapporo from ¥6,137, and Royal Twin Hotel Kyoto Hachijoguchi from ¥9,551—each price is per person with a 20% points return.

Furthermore, there is the “Early Booking Savings for Family & Group Travel! Up to 3,000 Points Return!” campaign, which offers up to 3,000 points return for family or group travel bookings of three or more. The campaign applies to those who book eligible domestic accommodations or tours, and international hotels or tours, and pay online with a credit card.

For car rentals in Kyushu and Okinawa, or for the first-time use of a rental car, 1,000 points will be awarded respectively.

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