JR West Expands Operation of the 227 Series ‘Urara’ to Himeji and Niimi Stations from January 20

JR West's new Urara train model

JR West will expand the operation area of the 227 Series ‘Urara’ from January 20, 2024.

The ‘Urara’ started operation on July 22 as a new model. Currently, it operates between Mihara and Okayama stations on the Sanyo Main Line, between Kurashiki and Soja stations on the Hakubi Line, between Okayama and Uno stations on the Uno Line, and between Chayamachi and Kojima stations on the Honshi Bisan Line. From January 20, it will start operating on new sections, between Okayama and Himeji stations on the Sanyo Main Line, and between Soja and Niimi stations on the Hakubi Line.

The operational areas and lines will continue to expand progressively in the future.

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