Hometown Tax Website ‘Satofuru’ Starts Offering ‘PayPay Gift Certificates’ Usable in Kyoto Prefecture

PayPay Satofuru Image

Satofuru and PayPay have commenced the provision of a new return gift for hometown tax donations on the ‘Satofuru’ website, in the form of the ‘PayPay Gift Certificate’, which can be used at designated stores within Kyoto Prefecture.

There are nine donation amounts available, ranging from 3,000 to 500,000 yen. Donors can receive 30% of their donation amount as ‘PayPay Gift Certificates’, which can be used at participating stores and facilities within Kyoto Prefecture that offer locally produced goods and services that meet certain criteria.

‘PayPay Gift Certificates’ were first offered starting November 2022. While their introduction has been progressing on the level of municipalities—such as cities, wards, towns, and villages—the adoption at the prefectural level is a first. As a result, the use of the gift certificates has become available in 533 municipalities.

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