Chubu International Airport Extends ‘Direct Flights to Beautiful Islands’ Campaign, Presents Photobook to Passengers on Okinawa Routes

Chubu International Airport view

Chubu International Airport is extending its ‘Direct Flights to Beautiful Islands’ campaign aimed at promoting boarding on three routes to Okinawa.

For groups of two or more people using the round trip direct flights from Nagoya/Chubu to Okinawa/Naha, Ishigaki, and Miyako, a photobook will be presented. The campaign period is from April 10 to February 29, 2024. The offer is limited to the first 5,000 groups and will end once the limit is reached.

As of December 1, there are 11 flights a day from Nagoya/Chubu to Okinawa/Naha, 2 flights to Ishigaki, and 2 flights to Miyako.

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