Consumer Group Files Cease and Desist Lawsuit Against Agoda Operator Citing Violation of Consumer Protection Law


The qualified consumer group, Saitama Association to Eliminate Consumer Harm, has filed a cease and desist lawsuit against AGODA COMPANY, the operator of the travel booking site ‘Agoda’, and Agoda International Japan.

According to the complaint, it is alleged that the terms of service contain unfair terms that violate the Consumer Contract Act, including clauses that say Agoda is not responsible for legal obligations such as damages claims, even in cases of non-performance or negligence on the part of Agoda, thus harming the interests of users.

Consumer centers nationwide have received numerous complaints from users who report that Agoda did not respond properly when the location or photos were different from what was booked, and that there has been inadequate handling of reservation cancellations and refused refunds among other issues.

The Saitama Association to Eliminate Consumer Harm is a specified nonprofit organization consisting of consumers, consumer groups, consumer life consultants, lawyers, judicial scriveners, and others who conduct investigations, research, and consideration related to products, services, and contracts.

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