Fukuoka Subway Introduces New ‘4000 Series’ Train Design, Set to Operate in Fall 2024

Fukuoka Subway 4000 Series

Fukuoka Subway has unveiled the design and features of its new ‘4000 series’ train cars.

The front and upper sides of the cars retain the blue line used in the 1000N and 2000N series, which operate on the Airport and Hakozaki lines. The middle sides of the cars feature ‘Sky Blue’ representing the future and Fukuoka Airport – the gateway to the sky.

Inside, information displays come in a triple-screen setup, with two used for maps and operation information, and one dedicated to news and advertisements. Car number six will have a free space area designed for easy accessibility for strollers and wheelchairs, featuring large windows extending down to a child’s eye-level to view the scenery. Seats will also be optimized for travelers with carry-on luggage.

Fukuoka Subway 4000 Series Free Space

Each car will be equipped with four security cameras, allowing for remote monitoring by both conductors and transportation bureau personnel through a private communication line—a first in subway operations for real-time surveillance. Additionally, the 4000 series will utilize synchronous reluctance motors which offer approximately 20% reduction in energy consumption compared to current induction motor-equipped trains.

Eighteen train sets, each consisting of six cars, will be introduced. The delivery to the train depot is scheduled between April and May 2024, and operations are expected to begin in the fall.

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