‘Bastei’ Opens on November 17 in West Izu – Renovated Bus Terminal and Accommodation Facility


The Odakyu Group’s Tokai Automobile has opened a renovated accommodation facility called ‘Bastei’ on November 17, which used to be a bus terminal.

This new facility was created by renovating the former Ukusu Guidance Office, which was established in West Izu Town in 1950 and ended its role as a guidance office at the end of March 2022. The concept is a play on words, combining ‘bus’ and ‘stay’, indicating staying with buses.


The waiting room has been transformed into a dining area, the office to a kitchen, and rooms previously used as storage have been turned into bedrooms, restrooms, and washrooms. Guests can book in advance to receive food sets featuring local seafood, in collaboration with local inns and the fishing cooperative.


The route bus on site has been painted in a retro color using retired vehicles, allowing guests to freely press the stop button or operate the destination display. Box seats and beds have been installed for comfort.

The accommodation is limited to one group per day, and reservations can be made through websites, among other methods. The price starts from 34,000 yen (including tax) per night for the entire building, and it can accommodate up to five people.

Access is a 4-minute walk from the Ukusu Bus Stop directly in front, and the BP (Bypass) Ukusu Bus Stop.

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