TV Osaka to Start Broadcasting ‘Drama: A Traveler’s Guide to the Earth’ on January 13, 2024

Drama series scene

TV Osaka announced the start of a new show, ‘Drama: A Traveler’s Guide to the Earth,’ beginning on January 13, 2024.

In celebration of the 45th anniversary of its first publication in 2024, the editorial team of ‘A Traveler’s Guide to the Earth’ requested a special feature page. In response, four celebrity writers embark on a journey to various destinations. Whether visiting a long-desired location for the first time or revisiting a previously explored place, they travel on foot to immerse themselves in local spots, discovering new cuisines, landscapes, landmarks, and people, capturing these moments in photographs. The celebrity writers uncover new charms of the countries they visit and create an original feature page. This journey is filled with challenges and new encounters. The ‘A Traveler’s Guide to the Earth’ encompasses more than just information; it contains the writers’ raw experiences from their travels.

TV Osaka will air the show on Saturday late nights at 24:55 (Sunday morning at 00:55), and on BS TV Tokyo and BS TV Tokyo 4K on Saturday late nights at 24:00 (Sunday morning at 00:00). It will also be available on streaming platforms like ‘Lemino’ and ‘TVer’.

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