Stay in a Spacious Room with a Semi-Double Bed and Private Bathroom for Only 3,800 Yen at ‘Hotel Chuo Bridge’ 【Hants Endo’s Exploration of Osaka’s Nishinari C-Class Hotels (18)】

Hotel Central Bridge Exterior

With inbound tourism on the rise and some suggesting that the number of foreign tourists, excluding those from China, is even higher than before the pandemic, Japan’s weaker yen may be making it an appealing time to visit for international guests. However, overtourism is becoming a concern, with long lines at buses and taxis in places like Kyoto. Taxi driver shortages appear to be a serious issue, likely due to many having left the profession during the pandemic. Still, reservations at C-class hotels in Osaka’s Nishinari are rather easy to come by, with plenty of vacancies available even when checked the day before.

Inside the hotel

Many might have reservations about staying in a hotel with shared bathrooms and tiny rooms. Addressing such needs, I opted for an upgraded experience in Nishinari and chose a hotel with private bathrooms.

Hotel room

This time, I stayed at ‘Hotel Chuo Bridge’.

The hotel is a stone’s throw away from the No. 2 exit of Osaka Metro Dobutsuen-mae Station, making it not only convenient but also safe, with a variety of pubs and convenience stores nearby. For a no-frills overnight stay in a room with a private bathroom, the cost is 3,800 yen. While that’s more than double the price of the cheapest lodgings in Nishinari, it’s quite a bargain compared to other areas.

‘Hotel Chuo Bridge’ is part of the Hotel Chuo Group, which includes other hotels that I’ve introduced before, such as ‘Hotel Chuo Crown‘, ‘Hotel Pivot’, and ‘Hotel Chuo Oasis’.

Hotel lobby

Upon entering the front lobby, I was greeted by neatly folded umbrellas, a sign of a reputable hotel.

Front desk with amenities

At the front desk, an array of amenities was available. These included complimentary items like razors, hairbrushes, cotton swabs & cotton, headbands, earplugs, as well as items for loan, such as electric kettles, deodorant sprays, mobile phone chargers, lamps, extra pillows, ironing sets, trouser presses, extension cords, shoehorns, nail clippers, hand soap, shampoo & conditioner, blankets (in winter), and humidifiers (in winter).

Complimentary coffee and tea

Additionally, coffee and tea were available as complimentary drinks, along with a variety of newspapers to read at leisure. Considering all these amenities and the affordable price of 3,800 yen, one might even wonder how such pricing is possible.

Annex building

My room was in the annex building, connected to the main building on the first floor and accessible via a clean elevator. The door was unlocked with a thin electronic key card.

Spacious room

As someone accustomed to the 1,000 yen-range hotels in Nishinari, I was immediately struck by how spacious the room was. Though it was a non-smoking single type, the bed was a semi-double.

The room included a TV, refrigerator, table & chairs, making it suitable for work or other tasks with a laptop. The standalone air conditioner allowed for precise temperature control.

Nightgown and towels

What’s remarkable is the provision of not just towels and bath towels, but also a room wear resembling a nightgown.

Disposable amenities

A hair dryer was of course available, as were disposable slippers. I found three hangers in the wardrobe, and the free Wi-Fi was fast enough for a comfortable internet experience. The only provided amenity in the room was a toothbrush, but as various amenities were available in front of the reception, this wasn’t an issue.

Bathroom with bidet toilet

The bathroom came with a bidet toilet and a bathtub. The room included a bottle of rinse-in shampoo, which was also fine. If there was one thing to point out, it would be that the shower curtain seemed a bit moldy. During another stay at the hotel, this time in the main building, the curtain was also moldy.

Mold on shower curtain

This might be a deal-breaker for some, but I personally found it within acceptable limits considering the price.

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