Sanyo Shinkansen Offers Bonus WESTER Points for Online Reservations on Select Routes

Sanyo Shinkansen

JR West Japan is providing bonus WESTER points for designated seat reservations on specific sections and products of the Sanyo Shinkansen.

The eligible sections include the stretch between Tokyo, Shinagawa, and Shin-Yokohama to Okayama and all stations to Hakata, Nagoya to Kokura and Hakata stations, and Kyoto, Shin-Osaka, and Shin-Kobe to Kokura and all stations to Kagoshima-Chuo. For eligible products and bonus points, Express Reservations for J-WEST card members get 600 points for IC usage and 300 points for e-Tickets, JR Central Express card members and JQ CARD Express members get 300 and 150 points respectively, Smart EX gets 300 points, e5489 gets 300 points for J-WEST card payments, and 150 points for other types of payments.

The offer is valid from December 1st until March 31st, 2024. Points will be credited after two days from the date of travel. For Smart EX and Express Reservations other than J-WEST card members, ‘EX Service Point Registration’ is required before making a reservation.

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