APA Group to Acquire All Shares of Oedo Onsen Asset Management

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APA Group has signed a contract to acquire all shares of Oedo Onsen Asset Management with Oedo Onsen Monogatari.

Oedo Onsen Asset Management is the asset management company for the Oedo Onsen REIT Investment Corporation. The acquisition of shares is scheduled to be completed by December 19, and there will also be a change in the company name.

As part of its five-year plan announced in May 2022, named ‘AIM5 – APA Innovative Movement’, APA Group had outlined the ‘study of new financing schemes’ as a strategy for building its management foundation. Expanding its network and market share, the potential use of REITs was also anticipated as a subject of study for the future.

APA Group will provide active support, including the offering of real estate information, functioning as a bridge, offering APA Hotels as a pipeline, providing hotel operator capabilities, and participation in Syndicate investment. Moreover, it will support financial growth by assisting in the expansion of transaction financial institutions, with the goal of enhancing unitholder value and catalyzing the growth of the investment corporation. The investment corporation’s acquisition and ownership of hotels, with APA Hotels managing the operations, is expected to be a new option, potentially greatly accelerating the expansion of the hotel network.

Oedo Onsen Asset Management will continue to operate without changes to its investment targets and will maintain some of its support contracts with the Oedo Onsen Monogatari Group, including priority negotiation rights and the use of trademarks. The current management team will continue to be involved in the operation, ensuring the continuity of management policies.

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