KKday Issues Warning to All Transportation Service Providers, Strengthening Operations in Response to ‘Illegal Taxi’ Issues


KKDAY JAPAN, the Japanese subsidiary of the optional tour booking site ‘KKday’, has issued a warning to all transportation service providers it contracts with in response to the ‘illegal taxi’ problem.

KKDAY JAPAN states that when providing transportation services in Japan, it contracts with registered transportation service providers, and after entering into contracts, it regularly monitors and verifies listed content, among other checks. The company acknowledges that there have been instances where affiliated providers have ignored these contracts and listing standards, resulting in violations.

KKday offers two types of transportation services: one where KKDAY JAPAN acts as the service provider, requiring documentation like business permits for review, and the other where it matches service providers with users through contracts, followed by regular monitoring.

While admitting that it is difficult to constantly monitor all services, KKDAY JAPAN has committed to further enhance its operational structure by conducting additional investigations and taking strict action against providers who violate the rules.

KKDAY JAPAN stated, “Ensuring the safety and peace of mind of our customers on their travels is our top priority. We will continue to provide a service that our customers can use with confidence, committing ourselves to strict compliance with the law.”

KKday, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, is an online reservation site that sells local experiences and tickets for travelers. They offer about 300,000 local experiences across more than 550 cities in 92 countries, available in 17 languages.

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