JR East Revamps Boso Express Train Services, Including Reduced Operations

JR East Narita Express E259

JR East is making changes to its transportation system for the Boso express trains ‘Shiosai’, ‘Wakashio’, and ‘Sazanami’.

The ‘Shiosai’ service currently operates using the 255 series with 9 cars and the E257 series with 10 cars, but it will be amended to include the E259 series with 6 cars and the E257 series with 5 cars used for the ‘Narita Express’ service. On weekdays, the Tokyo to Sakura station section will maintain the current frequency, but services will be reduced for other sections. All trains will stop at Funabashi station, and three will stop at Yotsukaido station.

The ‘Wakashio’ and ‘Sazanami’ services will be standardized to operate with 5-car E257 series. ‘Wakashio’ will be reduced by up to four trains and ‘Sazanami’ by one train on weekdays only for the down direction.

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