Club Tourism Continues Sales of ‘National Travel Assistance’ Until December

Club Tourism (National Travel Assistance)

Club Tourism is continuing the sale of travel packages as part of the ‘National Travel Assistance’ initiative, an effort to revive tourism demand, which has been extended by various local governments.

Shimane Prefecture has extended the campaign until December 20, Gunma Prefecture until December 22, Kyoto Prefecture until December 27, and Ishikawa Prefecture until December 31. Accommodation tours are covered through to the next day of return. Some sales are suspended.

The discount rate is 20%, with a maximum discount limit per night of 5,000 yen for travel products including transportation, and 3,000 yen for day trips and other travel products. Coupon vouchers are mainly provided as electronic coupons, with 2,000 yen for weekdays and 1,000 yen for holidays. Trips booked before the sale start date are not eligible for the ‘National Travel Assistance’ support.

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