SBC Kijimadaira Resort, under SBC Medical Holdings, to Reopen Renovated ‘Snow Resort Cupid of Romance’ on December 23

Snow Resort Cupid of Romance

SBC Kijimadaira Resort, under the umbrella of SBC Medical Holdings, is set to reopen the renovated ‘Snow Resort Cupid of Romance’ on December 23.

SBC Medical Holdings is known for operating Shonan Beauty Clinic and has clinics both in Japan and overseas. The Snow Resort Cupid of Romance is aimed at creating a combined facility for cosmetic medicine and snow resorts, exploring the market for ‘Beauty × Health × Sports’. They have entered into a contract for the rights to use the naming license of Hirose Kohmi’s song ‘The Cupid of Romance’.

The former Kijimadaira Ski Resort was a village-run facility in Kijimadaira Village, which had been managed by the third-sector company Kijimadaira Tourism since its establishment in 1993. Due to the difficulty in continuing operations, the village decided to privatize the resort, selling the land, buildings, ski lifts, and parks to Kijimadaira Tourism for 3.91 million yen. Later, all shares of Kijimadaira Tourism were transferred to the SBC Medical Group for approximately 1.02 million yen. The village relinquished about 49.35 million yen in reconstruction debt to Kijimadaira Tourism. Previously, the village had bought back assets such as the lifts from Kijimadaira Tourism for 248 million yen and waived 190 million yen in long-term unpaid debt, but these measures did not lead to a fundamental resolution of the management issues.

The Snow Resort Cupid of Romance is a ski resort that spans the northern slopes of Takamori Mountain in the northern part of Nagano Prefecture, at an altitude of 1,351 meters. It is about 15 minutes by car from the Hokuriku Shinkansen Iiyama Station. The resort features a total of 12 courses, including a new pioneer course with a maximum gradient of 46 degrees and a length of around 870 meters, as well as one of the largest sledging courses in Eastern Japan, measuring 800 meters in length. The resort also offers a health-conscious restaurant focused on locally produced and consumed food.

In November, the Shonan Beauty Clinic Kijimadaira Resort Clinic was opened, offering a wide range of easy-to-access cosmetic medical services, including skin beauty treatments and fatigue recovery cocktails, with the possibility of same-day services without a prior reservation.

In February 2024, coinciding with the release of a new remix song by Hirose Kohmi and Night Tempo, there will be a live performance on the snow and a fireworks festival.

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