Dutch Authorities Raise Terrorism Threat Level

Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security's Counterterrorism Coordinator Office (NCTV)

The Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security’s Counterterrorism Coordinator Office (NCTV) has raised the terrorism threat level in the Netherlands to the second-highest level, “substantial.”

This elevation signifies a considerable threat, indicating that a terrorist attack in the Netherlands is a realistic possibility and could realistically occur. The assessment of an increasing threat from terrorist organizations comes amidst conflicts between Israel and Palestine, terrorist attacks in neighboring countries, including the Netherlands, and incidents of Quran desecration.

Since the shooting incident on a tram in Utrecht city in March 2019, there have been no terrorist attacks in the Netherlands. However, there have been cases such as the arrest of individuals planning terrorist acts.

The Embassy of Japan in the Netherlands advises to stay informed of the latest related news through media reports, to be fully aware that places with large gatherings, religious facilities, and government-related facilities are more likely to be targeted, and to pay close attention to the surroundings and ensure safety when visiting these locations.

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