Nagaden Bus to Suspend Sunday Services in Nagano City Due to Driver Shortage

Nagaden Bus

Nagaden Bus announced that, starting January 21, 2024, it will suspend its bus services within Nagano City on Sundays until further notice due to a driver shortage, as reported to the Chubu District Transport Bureau, Nagano Transport Branch on December 15th.

The shortage of drivers has not improved, leading to the suspension of bus services on Sundays, with the exception of certain lines in Nagano City. This temporary measure will continue until enough drivers can be recruited. Services will operate as usual on Saturdays and public holidays, according to the Saturday and holiday timetables. However, if a public holiday falls on a Sunday, services will be suspended.

Currently, Nagaden Bus is reallocating drivers from charter and express buses to local routes in order to maintain essential transportation services amidst the driver shortfall. The company states that if this situation persists, it would no longer be possible to sustain the local bus services by offsetting losses with profits from the charter and express bus operations. With the winter mountain season approaching and the expectation of delays due to snowfall and ice, the company has decided to suspend services on Sundays, which has relatively less impact on school commutes, work commutes, and hospital visits. Further measures may be necessary if the driver shortage worsens.

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