tripla Acquires Taiwanese Surehigh as a Subsidiary


tripla has established a subsidiary in Taiwan and has incorporated Surehigh International Technology as a subsidiary.

Surehigh International Technology develops and sells products for accommodation facilities in Taiwan, such as the channel manager ‘HOTEL NABE’, the reservation engine ‘EZ HOTEL’, and the website creation service ‘Micro Official Site’. As of the end of October, the number of facilities that have implemented these services is 1,228. This will expand the number of facilities implementing the services of tripla and its group companies to 6,590.

In the future, tripla is considering the expansion of ‘tripla Book’, which they offer in Taiwan, to customers of Surehigh International Technology in Taiwan.

tripla is acquiring 91% of the total issued shares from 45 shareholders of Surehigh International Technology for 100 million and 923 thousand Taiwanese dollars. The purchase amount, including an earn-out provision that is paid when profits reach a certain level, will be 177 million, 505 thousand, and 400 Taiwanese dollars.

Furthermore, they will establish a wholly-owned subsidiary, tripla Taiwan, and plan to invest in it by February 2024.

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