AIRDO Celebrates 25 Years with a Special Flight

AIRDO aircraft

Today, December 20th, AIRDO has marked its 25th anniversary of service.

Initially established in November 1996 as Hokkaido International Airlines, AIRDO began operations on December 20, 1998, with three round trips per day on the Sapporo/Chitose to Tokyo/Haneda route. In October 2022, AIRDO set up a joint holding company with Solaseed Air, named Regional Plus Wings. Currently, AIRDO operates 11 routes connecting Hokkaido with various regions using a fleet of twelve Boeing 767-300ER and Boeing 737-700 aircraft.

On the same day, a special flight was conducted on the Tokyo/Haneda to Sapporo/Chitose route for flights ADO15/20. Cabin attendants were dressed in uniforms from different eras, and passengers received original memorabilia and famous confections from Hokkaido to commemorate the 25th anniversary. ADO15 flight from Tokyo/Haneda boarded 255 passengers, and ADO20 flight from Sapporo/Chitose boarded 267 passengers.

A commemorative ceremony was held at New Chitose Airport. Takahiro Suzuki, President and CEO, expressed his gratitude. The mascot character Bear Do also made an appearance, holding a banner with the staff to see off flight ADO20.

Commemorative ceremony at New Chitose Airport

At both Tokyo/Haneda and Sapporo/Chitose airports, a lottery was held for My AIRDO members boarding AIRDO flights with chances to win original AIRDO goods or collaboration goods with Colombia for everyone.

For all routes operated on the same day, an additional 150% bonus points were given for boarding, and the points needed for award tickets were significantly reduced to 250 points for all flights.

Furthermore, to commemorate the launch 25 years ago, carbon offsetting was performed for six flights on the Tokyo/Haneda to Sapporo/Chitose route. The ‘Kikita Forest’ Thinning Encouragement Project and the Ishikari City Forest Thinning Encouragement Credits were purchased from Hokkaido and Ishikari City, totaling 110 tons.

Airport event scene

AIRDO boarding gate

AIRDO aircraft on runway

Commemorative items display

Airport staff with mascot Bear Do

Special flight cabin scene

Passengers participating in the special flight

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