HIS Launches ‘Hatsuyume Fair 2024’: Seoul 3-Day Trip from ¥24,800, Taipei 4-Day Trip from ¥39,800

HIS Hatsuyume Fair Poster

H.I.S. (HIS) will be conducting the ‘Hatsuyume Fair 2024’ from December 22nd, 2023 until January 31st, 2024.

The keyword for the fair is ‘Exciting,’ a phrase from HIS Group Purpose. The comedian Bakarhythm has been appointed as the CM character, and TV commercials and web advertisements will begin airing on December 20th. Special promotions include ‘First Time HIS Discount’, offering up to ¥10,000 off for first-time overseas travel bookings, and for domestic travels, a special project featuring a total of ¥100 million in ‘Hatsuyume Ultra Coupons’.

Highlight budget deals for overseas trips include a 3-day trip to Seoul from Osaka/Kansai starting at ¥24,800, and a 4-day trip to Taipei from Tokyo/Haneda starting at ¥39,800. For domestic travel, a 3-day trip to Fukuoka, Sapporo, or Hiroshima from Tokyo/Narita starts at ¥15,000, and a 4-day stay at a deluxe hotel in Okinawa from Osaka/Itami starts at ¥29,800.

Furthermore, as part of the exciting travel options, a 5-day panda-themed trip to Chengdu, Ya’an, and Dujiangyan from Tokyo/Narita is offered at ¥139,800, a 6-day Hawaii trip including a Disney character lunch party from Tokyo/Narita at ¥349,000, and a 5-day Los Angeles trip with game tickets to see a popular team with Japanese players from Tokyo/Narita at ¥299,800.

Budget deals for overseas travels will go on sale at 11 AM on December 22nd, domestic travel deals at noon, and the thrilling trips will start selling from 11 AM on January 4th, 2024.

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