Tobu Railway to Launch ‘Strawberry Spacia’ from December 24

Tobu Strawberry Spacia

Tobu Railway will start operating the ‘Strawberry Spacia,’ a train wrapped in the colors inspired by strawberries, from December 24.

The launch commemorates the 150th anniversary of Tochigi Prefecture, and one of the Spacia express train 100 series’ six-car formations has been changed to the colors representing strawberries, red and pink. The interior features decorations with two types of strawberry motifs in all private compartments and on the seats of row 15 in cars 2 and 5. The operating routes include the Tobu Skytree Line, Tobu Nikko Line, and Tobu Kinugawa Line.

On the start date, events will be held such as a tour with strawberry-shaped strap hangers as gifts, a departure ceremony at Tobu-Nikko Station, and the Nikko Marche.

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