Japan Bus Association to Overhaul ‘Charter Bus Operators’ Safety Evaluation Certification System’

Charter bus safety certification system

The Japan Bus Association is set to fundamentally review the ‘Charter Bus Operators’ Safety Evaluation Certification System’.

Introduced in 2011, this system evaluates, certifies, and publishes the efforts towards ensuring the safety of charter bus operators. In light of the recent recovery in demand for charter buses following the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a need for further strengthening of operational management. This is to prevent accidents caused by human error or health issues, and in line with the revision of related laws slated for 2024, a comprehensive review has been decided upon.

The review will include stricter criteria for operational management, evaluation of advanced safety commitments towards health management and advanced safety vehicles, and adjustments to meet the revisions in regulations. The certification mark will also change, with the top rating being upgraded from three stars to five stars.

Currently, 57% of charter bus operators and 79% of Japan Bus Association member operators, totaling 2,028 entities, have received certification under the Charter Bus Operators’ Safety Evaluation Certification System.

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