Jetstar Japan Expands into Designated Strike with 24 Crew Members on 27th

Jetstar Japan

The labor union of Jetstar Japan, Jetstar Crew Association (JCA), has revealed that 24 members will hold a designated strike the day after tomorrow, December 27th.

The strike will involve 3 captains, 5 co-pilots, and 16 cabin crew members. The scheduled flights affected by the strike, excluding duplicates, include 35 domestic and international routes. On the 22nd, 4 members carried out the strike, followed by 8 members on the 23rd and 24th, and 9 members on the 25th. 14 members are set to strike on the 26th.

JCA, a labor union formed in July 2018, is composed of pilots and cabin crew members. They have been conducting a soft strike since December 1st, refusing to comply with requests for schedule changes. Without any successful negotiations by the night of the 21st, they proceeded with a designated strike from the 22nd. While JCA announced two flight cancellations on the 24th and 25th due to the strike, the company reported them as caused by crew illness.

According to JCA, the company proposed collective bargaining on the 26th, but when JCA requested work schedule adjustments for the attending executive members, the company responded that it was not possible to arrange such adjustments, and thus the negotiations are expected to take place after the 27th.

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