Satologue Ome Whole-Line Hotel to Open in Okutama Town by 2024

Satologue Ome

The whole-line hotel project, ‘Satologue Ome’, part of the regional revitalization initiative, is set to open its doors within the fiscal year 2024.

The brand name is a coined term combining ‘village’ and ‘dialogue’, aiming to become a ‘hometown’-like presence for its guests. The accommodation will feature four twin rooms. In March 2024, it will start with a lounge and a restaurant building equipped with a campfire area and sauna. In 2025, an exclusive rental facility is planned to open.

The ‘Whole-Line Hotel Project’ turns JR East’s train stations into ‘hotel fronts’, utilizes empty houses as ‘hotel rooms’, and engages local residents as ‘hotel cast’ to provide hospitality and operation, thus generating micro-tourism. As its first initiative, development near the Hatonosu Station of the Ome Line is underway.

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