ANA and Shogakukan Collaborate, Serialization of Manga ‘Blue Flight: The Story of a Ground Handler Girl’ Featuring the Life of an Airport Worker

Cover image of the manga 'Blue Flight: The Story of a Ground Handler Girl'

ANA Holdings and Shogakukan are teaming up to launch a serialized manga titled ‘Blue Flight: The Story of a Ground Handler Girl’ (Authored by Nonoko), which stars a woman working in airport ground handling as its main character. The series will debut in the monthly magazine ‘Betsucomi’ starting February 13, 2024.

Ground handling encompasses a variety of jobs essential for aircraft operations at airports, including guiding planes, assisting passengers, and loading and unloading luggage and cargo with the use of specialized vehicles.

Author Nonoko commented, “The first plane I ever boarded was an ANA domestic flight. I still vividly remember the excitement and the tension just before takeoff. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to create a manga set at such a respected company that holds a special place in my heart. I will do my best to introduce many people to the wonderful job of ground handling through this manga!”

This is the first time for Shogakukan to collaborate with an airline company for manga production and to depict the profession of ground handling in a story.

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