Rakuten Travel Simplifies Reporting of Nuisance Behavior – Allowing Reports of Commercial Use and Harassing Reviews, with Possible Suspension of IDs and Cancellation of Reservations

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Rakuten Group has set up a reporting form for accommodation facilities that are part of the ‘Rakuten Travel’ booking site, to facilitate the reporting of nuisance behavior by users.

Through the form, facilities can choose categories such as unauthorized cancellations (no-show), bulk cancellations, unauthorized credit card use, non-payment of accommodation fees or cancellation charges, registration misinformation, commercial use, harassing reviews, and on-site troubles, and explain the situation. They can also indicate whether they have reported to public authorities and whether they wish to cancel a reservation.

According to the Rakuten Group, when incidents such as no-shows or non-payment of accommodation fees have occurred, which hinder the operation of the lodging facilities, the process previously involved hearing by a representative and reporting to the responsible department. The new reporting form enables direct reporting from the accommodation facility to the responsible department. “As society’s concern for measures against customer harassment increases, we aim to contribute to the smoother operation of lodging businesses by more appropriately comprehending and preventing inappropriate behavior by users at lodging facilities,” says Rakuten Travel.

Reports will be addressed with appropriate measures including warnings to the individuals involved, based on the facts confirmed and in accordance with the terms of service. While the handling of such cases remains unchanged, Rakuten may suspend the offender’s Rakuten ID or cancel future reservations.

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