Jetstar Japan Hit by Designated Strike, 20 Members on December 28

Jetstar Japan

The labor union of Jetstar Japan, the Jetstar Crew Association (JCA), has declared that 20 of its members will engage in a designated strike on December 28.

Three captains, three co-pilots, and fourteen cabin attendants are set to partake in the strike. On December 22, four members conducted a strike, followed by eight on both the 23rd and 24th, nine on the 25th, fourteen on the 26th, and twenty-four on the 27th.

JCA, which organizes pilots and cabin attendants, was formed in July 2018. Starting from December 1, they have been performing a soft strike by refusing requests for changes in their work schedules. After negotiations failed to conclude by the evening of December 21, the members launched into a designated strike from December 22. Although two flights were cancelled daily from December 24 to 26, the JCA reported the cancellations were due to the strike, while the company cited illnesses as the cause.

Jetstar Japan and the JCA held collective negotiations on the afternoon of the 27th, which included Jetstar Japan’s President, Yu Katayama, but ended in failure. According to the JCA, the company intends to apply to the Central Labor Commission for mediation over unpaid wages on December 28. Akira Iiokohagi, a JCA executive committee member, stated, “There was no progress at all. We wanted to call off the strike, but it was not possible. We regret the inconvenience this may cause our customers and all related parties, but we ask for your understanding.”

The JCA has reported that they notify the company of small-scale strikes involving less than 14 members by 6 PM the day before, and for all other strikes, 48 hours in advance of starting the action.

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