Jetstar Japan Faces Designated Strike with 24 Crew Members on Dec 30

Jetstar Japan

The labor union of Jetstar Japan, Jetstar Crew Association (JCA), has revealed that a designated strike involving 24 members will take place the day after tomorrow, on December 30.

The strike will consist of 4 captains, 5 first officers, and 15 cabin crew members. Prior to this, strikes were staged by 4 members on the 22nd, by 8 members on both the 23rd and 24th, by 9 members on the 25th, by 14 members on the 26th, by 24 members on the 27th, and by 20 members on the 28th. The 29th will see the largest number with 36 members participating in the strike.

JCA, a union organized by pilots and cabin crew, was established in July 2018. Since December 1, they have been engaged in a ‘soft strike’ involving refusal to accept changes to working schedules. After negotiations failed to conclude by the evening of the 21st, a designated strike commenced from the 22nd. Although 2 flights per day were canceled from December 24th to 26th, JCA has attributed this to the strike, while the company has cited crew illness as the cause.

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